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  • How Do I Place An Order?
    To place an order you simply just hover over the item you are interested in and right-click it on desktop or double tap if on mobile. Once inside the cart page select the size button and click from one of our available sizes. Once on the next page feel free to enter a promo code if you have one. After that enter your address/card info into our secured payment section, click PLACE ORDER, and your good to go.
  • Payment & Shipping
    We have a standard 24-48 hour processing time prior to the shipment of all orders. This processing timeframe is subject to change due to sales or holidays. Please review our shipping methods to receive an estimated timeframe of received your package.
  • Secure Ordering & Payment Options
    Our Site offers Wix Pay, as well as Paypal. That way you can feel comfortable knowing you are protected no matter what. If you have any other questions about our payment options please feel free to contact us via email or facebook messenger
  • Returns & Refunds
    No Refunds or returns accepted
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